Indian School of Business
Research Associate
  • Working on projects spanning the areas of healthcare, political economy, education and judiciary
  • Data scraping, cleaning, refining and analysis using Stata, R, Python, QGIS, Eviews
  • Credited PhD. level coursework on Microeconomic Theory, Econometrics
  • Teaching Assistant for Professor Sisir Debnath (Financing and Economics of Healthcare, Economics of Healthcare), Professor Tarun Jain(Managerial Economics)
City University London
Research Assistant
  • Developed a Trade Requirements database to look at distributions of various export and import requirements
  • Analyzed various trade requirements to look at modality of the distribution across companies
  • Looked at Investment Climate Statements across 70+ countries to develop an understanding of business environments
London School of Economics
Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Assisted the lecturer by discussing material relevant to the course to sophomore students.
  • Taught an intermediate microeconomics course combining intuition & mathematical thinking
Age UK
Intern, Influencing
  • Analyzed data spanning 10 years across the UK to understand the relationship between old age Mortality and Temperature
  • Worked on Distributed Lag Models to look at the effects of temperature on mortality using R and Excel
Auditor, Business and Regulatory Development
  • Understand Regulatory Landscape, track key changes to identify emerging risks in banking
  • Analyzed major regulations such as Ring fencing, EMIR, Dodd Frank across global Regulators
  • Conducted QoQ and YoY G-SIBS review in Q3 2014 for analyzing risks across banking peers